Dependent Visa

The Dependent Visa allows dependents of the primary applicant to accompany them.

With a dependent visa, they will be able to stay with the primary applicant/family. They are allowed to travel and explore. They can study at an educational institution (in some cases). In some cases, they can even work.

The different types of dependent visas are:

  • Temporary visa
  • Permanent vis

Eligibility Criteria:

Every country has a unique dependent visa process and there is no homogenous visa process as such. However there is a common criteria for most of the countries:

  • Applicants should possess a valid passport.
  • The primary applicant must have adequate financial resources to accompany the dependents.
  • The primary applicant’s work and income proof.
  • The insurance and medical examination for dependants. 
  • Filled application with enclosed fee.

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We assist applicants with:

  • Verification of Documents checklist.
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  • Guidance in preparation for Visa Interview.
  • Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate.