Statement of Purpose(SOP):

Fuera Global Services helps you to prepare SOP(Statement of Purpose):

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most significant components of an application for university admission. The University Admissions Panel assesses your credentials and goals based on your SOP.

A statement of purpose is written by you to describe your goals, interests, and aspirations for a particular course. The SOP describes the personality of the candidate. Generally, they are written in the form of an essay, but some universities require a query-based SOP.

SOP is the major consideration if your profile lacks the strength:

SOP plays an instrumental role when your profile is not strong enough. Describe your practical goals for the near future. You have to explain how you plan to reach those goals.

While considering your profile, the admission panel pays particular attention to your current position, your future plans, and the strategy used to accomplish those goals. So be genuine while drafting your SOP. Craft a detailed plan explaining the practical and logical implementation strategy.

Format the SOP by including details such as:

  • The introduction of SOP should include your name, location, qualification, family background, parents and siblings, as well as their occupations.
  • Mention your academic history by describing your course, year of completion, and percentage of marks.
  • Projects you have worked on and awards you won during the course.
  • If you have worked for a company, please share details of your role and responsibilities, period of employment, achievements, etc.
  • Include the reasons for choosing a particular course, college, and destination.
  • Notify the admissions committee including any necessary information, such as your short and long-term goals, financial status, and so on.

Ensure you do well in school, establish a positive reputation for your faculty or university, and contribute to its development.

Word limit for SOP:

  • The limit of words while writing a SOP is based on two factors. One factor is the university you are applying to and the other factor is your profile strength. It varies from university to university.
  • Some university officials only accept qualified students. Therefore, they are particular about each and every detail you mention in the SOP. They try to receive exact answers to all their queries. This affects the length of the SOP.
  • If you have worked for an organiZation, you need to provide all the details of the company you worked with, your roles and responsibilities.
  • If you have a gap in your education, it also affects the length of your SOP. You have to provide an explanation in a way that convinces the admission panel.
  • All these factors contribute to the length of the SOP. An ideal SOP word limit ranges between 800 and 4000 words.

Things to never do while drafting SOP:

  • Never start writing your SOP without doing enough research on the university or the course you are applying for.
  • Don’t copy the content as it is considered plagiarism which leads to rejection or even permanent back listing.
  • Do not repeat or drag information.
  • Never provide contradictory statements.
  • Ensure that the SOP is simple and readable so that the admission panel does not get bored during assessment. Avoid more technical terms.

SOP is as significant as preparation for the competitive exam. If you need guidance and assistance, contact Fuera Global Services as we are equipped with expert SOP writers.

Letter of recommendation(LOR):

A letter of recommendation is a letter that recommends a student, employee, colleague or co-worker. It is also called a letter of recommendation or LOR. This letter of recommendation is generally given to the admissions committee as a way to learn more about the applicant

Standard format of LOR:

There is a standard template to draft the LOR. It must contains the following elements in particular:

  • The letterhead and full contact information
  • A salutation
  • An introduction
  • An overview
  • A personal story
  • A closing sentence¬†
  • The signature

If you have questions regarding the LOR, contact Fuera Global Services for assistance.