Skilled Workers Visa

Individuals who wish to build a career and live abroad should apply for a skilled worker visa.

The skilled migration visa is generally based on the applicant’s skills or education background. The visa is aimed at skilled individuals who want to work in different countries and contribute to their local economy. It is important to qualify to meet the requirements for the application.

Aspirants competence is determined by

  1. age. 
  2. occupation.
  3. language, like English. 
  4. The applicant can also apply if he/she can show proof of a relative who is a native of the country, by showing their identification and status. 
  5. Before a skilled worker visa can be approved, the applicant must also undergo a medical examination.
  6. After a specified number of years of legacy, qualified applicants would become permanent residents and citizens of that country.

Fuera Global Services has vast experience in acquiring Skilled Worker Visas for various countries. Aspirants receive personalized guidance from us on what is the best suitable prospect for them. We offer customised worker visa assistance in order to speed and ease the procedure.

Our services include:

  1. Preparing your profile to stand out by being attractive, accessible and engaging.
  2. Assisting you to create a resume that meets international standards.
  3. Helping you craft an engaging LinkedIn profile. 
  4. Promoting your profile in the nations of your choice and seeking to secure interview requests for you.
  5. Providing a committed Job Search consultant who will walk you through the process to build your international career.
  6. Identify how to position the report in your target country after creating a detailed report based on your profile with the help of experts.
  7. Help you register your profile on different job portals and job sites, and assist you in applying for different job postings.